Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



    • By accepting Wonderland Collective’s quotation and throughout the Client’s use of Wonderland Collective’s services, the Client agrees to be bound unconditionally by these terms and conditions. If the Client does not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, it must immediately stop using any of Wonderland Collective’s services.
    • These terms and conditions may be amended by Wonderland Collective at any time. Any services rendered after the date of amendment will be subject to the amended terms and conditions and binding on the Client without further notice.
    • The Client acknowledges that no warranties or representations were made by Wonderland Collective, its employees or any of its other duly authorised representatives regarding its services or any of the features or qualities of such services on or before accepting these terms and conditions


For the purposes of these terms and conditions:

    • “Client Material” means any intellectual property, information or documentation provided or made available by the Client to Wonderland Collective;
    • “confidential information’’ means any proprietary and non-public information belonging to a party which has been or may be disclosed to or obtained by the other party before or during their working relationship, whether such information is in writing or was obtained pursuant to discussions, and includes any intellectual property; underlying works; business, marketing or financial data; know-how and trade secrets; strategies; designs; plans; specifications; reports; customer lists; price lists; studies or findings; computer software and code; databases; inventions; ideas; employee information; information about business partners, suppliers and service providers; or any material which contains or is generated from any such confidential information.
    • “consequential loss” means, in relation to a breach of these terms and conditions, any indirect loss or special damages resulting from such breach, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contractual opportunities, or loss of goodwill, regardless of whether or not the party committing the breach knew or ought to have known that such loss or damages would be likely to be suffered as a result of their breach;
    • “End Product” means a defined end product to be created and produced by Wonderland Collective in the media chosen by the Client as part of or pursuant to the services provided by Wonderland Collective;
    • “intellectual property” means rights to or in any patents, designs, copyrights, database rights, trade secrets, know-how, confidential information, trademarks (whether registered or unregistered), company names, trade names, domain names; or any other rights, licences, or pending applications for the registration of any such rights anywhere in the world, which are owned and/or held by a party;
    • ‘’pre-existing intellectual property’’ means any intellectual property which Wonderland Collective owns or otherwise has rights in and which may be used to provide the services and/or produce an End Product;
    • “prime rate” means the rate of interest charged by First National Back on overdraft facilities offered to its private clients;
    • ‘’underlying work’’ means any component, part or element included in or used to produce the End Product, which includes but is not limited to any drawing, module, composite, character, dialogue, effect, function, hint, icon, image, layout, overlay, palette, rough, scene, script, sequence, sound, storyboard, symbol, template, underlay, vector or working, film, concept, treatment, shot list, footage, audio recording, editing file, project file or colour grade;


    • Wonderland Collective will provide services to the Client in accordance with the briefs given to Wonderland Collective by the Client from time to time.
    • The Client’s briefs must be recorded in writing and must clearly set out the Client’s requirements and expectations for the services to be provided or End Product to be delivered by Wonderland Collective.
    • Any changes to the Client’s brief must be confirmed in writing, including any changes to the nature, scope and timing of the services to be provided or any previously agreed pricing.
    • The Client must make sure that all Client Material given to Wonderland Collective as part of its brief or otherwise is correct and accurate.
    • Wonderland Collective may sub-contract or delegate its obligations to a suitable subcontractor, provided that Wonderland Collective will remain liable for the performance of such subcontractor.
    • Wonderland Collective will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the Client as a result of any delay in providing services where such delay is caused by:
      • the Client not providing the Client Material required by Wonderland Collective timeously or at all; or
      • the Client changing its brief or any instructions and/or decisions previously communicated to Wonderland Collective; or
      • the client failing to pay any amount owing to Wonderland Collective or otherwise committing any breach of its other obligations; or
      • the failure of a contractor nominated by the Client to deliver any service, good or licence required for the performance of Wonderland Collective’s services.
    • Any changes to the pricing previously agreed to by the parties which is caused by a delay which is outside the control of Wonderland Collective will be for the Client’s account.


    • All quotations issued by Wonderland Collective will be valid for 30 days. After a quotation has been signed and accepted by the Client, any additional work or services required by the Client will be quoted and charged for separately.
    • A 50% deposit on the costs of total project is required before work may commence.
    • The remaining 50% of the costs of the total project is required before the project may be handed over to the client.
    • All fees quoted by Wonderland Collective will be exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or any third party disbursements or expenses incurred by Wonderland Collective on the Client’s behalf.
    • All amounts due to Wonderland Collective must be paid by the Client within 5 days of being invoiced.
    • All payments must be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) into Wonderland Collective’s designated bank account will only be deemed to have been received once they reflect in the account.
    • Stock images and their costs are not included on the cost estimate and will be for the client’s account. Any image that is signed off by a client for use in their project becomes the sole liability of the client. Wonderland will advise where the image is sourced from, but once the client signs off on the design, the image and it’s licence is transferred to the client.
    • If the Client fails and/or refuses to pay any amount which is due and payable to Wonderland Collective on due date, then Wonderland Collective will be entitled to:
      • Immediately suspend or stop providing any further services to the Client;
      • Charge interest on the overdue amount at the prime rate from the date that payment was due to the date payment is finally made, both days included. Such interest will be calculated daily and compounded monthly during the period that payment remains due.


    • Pre-existing intellectual property. All intellectual property which is owned by Wonderland Collective or in which Wonderland Collective has rights, including any underlying works, will remain the sole property of Wonderland Collective and no rights or licences to use such pre-existing property will be conferred on the Client unless expressly agreed in writing.
    • Client Materials.  All intellectual property in the Client Materials which is owned by the Client or in which the Client has rights, will remain the sole property of the Client. The Client hereby grants Wonderland Collective a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use, copy or adapt the Client Materials for the purposes of providing services or delivering an End Product to the Client.
    • New intellectual property. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, all intellectual property created by Wonderland Collective or any employee, agent or subcontractor of the Service Provider in the course of providing the services or producing the End Product for the Client, including any underlying works, will vest in Wonderland Collective upon creation. It is expressly acknowledged and understood by the Client that, upon payment of all amounts due to Wonderland Collective for any services provided or End Product produced, the Client will enjoy a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual licence to use the End Product and underlying works for the agreed purposes recorded in the Client’s brief, and for no other purpose and in no other media without the prior written consent of Wonderland Collective.
    • IP warranty and indemnity. Both parties warrant that no aspect of any intellectual property created, licenced or provided by either of them in connection with any services, End Products, underlying works, or Client Materials under this agreement will infringe any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of any third party. Each party indemnifies the other, at its own cost, against any costs, damages and attorney fees finally awarded in any legal proceeding arising from any claim for the infringement of any third party intellectual property rights, provided that the indemnified party notifies the indemnifying party of such claim within 10 (ten) days of obtaining knowledge of it.


The Client consents to Wonderland Collective using its name, trademarks and a description of the services provided under this agreement in any marketing material or proposals, which Wonderland Collective may wish to submit or distribute.


    • No party will ever be liable, whether in contract, delict or otherwise, for any consequential loss arising from any breach of these terms and conditions.
    • Wonderland Collective’s total liability for any direct damages or loss, whether in contract, delict or otherwise, arising from the provision of any services or the delivery of any End Product to the Client, will never exceed, in aggregate, the total amount of fees payable to Wonderland Collective by the Client for such services or End Product.


    • During the Term of contract and for 1 calendar year after any termination of a contract, the client will not directly or indirectly, on the client’s own behalf or in the service or on behalf of others, in any capacity induce or attempt to induce any officer, director, or employee to leave the Company.


      • Wonderland Collective reserves the right to monitor the scope of the project and charge for design and development hours should the initial allocated project time be exceeded.
      • Changes to the brief, or fluctuations in scope, could result in a revised cost estimate.
      • On the condition of an approved and completed project, Wonderland Collective reserves the right to remove the project from the public domain should payment not be forthcoming.
      • Should a project for any reason whatsoever come to and end or be put on hold indefinitely, all payments made are non refundable to cover Wonderland Collective’s expenses.
      • Should requested information, which usually takes 1 to 5 days, not be provided for a period of 2 months, the project will terminate and all payments will be kept to cover expenses incurred.
      • Should the client’s inaction hold up the project, the client will be billed 5% of the total project fee for every 7 working days that the project is delayed.
      • Should a client wish to cancel a project, a rejection fee of 100% will be instituted on agreement.


    • The agreement constituted by these terms and conditions is the entire agreement between the parties.
    • No amendment or consensual cancellation of these terms and conditions and no settlement of any disputes, extension of time, waiver or relaxation or suspension of any of these terms and conditions will be binding unless recorded in writing and signed by both parties.
    • If any term or condition contained herein becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under any law of any jurisdiction, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining terms and conditions will be affected or impaired.
    • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Both parties consent and submit to the jurisdiction of any Magistrates Court having jurisdiction over their person for the purposes of any legal proceedings arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions.
    • Should it be necessary for Wonderland Collective to institute action against the Client for any reason, and in so doing, Wonderland Collective incurs legal costs, then the Client shall be liable to Wonderland Collective for all such legal costs on the attorney-and-client scale (including collection fees and VAT).
    • Signing off on the Cost Estimate constitutes a binding contract, this includes affirmation on a voice call or email.
    • The signatory to these terms and conditions warrants that he is duly authorised by the Client to act on its behalf in signing same and should he not have such authority then, without prejudice to such rights as Wonderland Collective may have at law, the signatory shall be held personally bound to this agreement.