The team of wonder

The team of wonder

The Team of Wonder



Our founders, Lexi Fontein and Graeme Lipschitz, are the yin and yang of Wonderland. After 10 years together, they embarked on the journey of establishing their own creative studio. They’re quirky, cool and determined to make a difference in the world. Most of all they’re insanely passionate about design and being creative.

As for the rest of the team, we’re a diverse bunch and we love that about us. We believe our diversity only benefits our creative output. This encourages our multi-disciplinary approach to our work. Some fun facts about us:

  • We love sneakers
  • One of us sings in a band
  • We’re mostly coffee snobs
  • We’re obsessed with our desk toys
  • We have a parrot that talks to himself
  • All our studio origami was created by White on Rice
  • We fine each other a sneaky drink on a regular basis
  • One of us believes he’ll win a Chinese table tennis tournament
Lexi Fontein - Creative Director & Alice
Graeme Lipschitz - Mad Hatter & Business Development Director
Kirsten Manthey - Ops Manager & Flaming Flamingo
Mark Bloomfield - Lead Dev & The Gryphon
Luke Wingnean - Art Director & Grave Robber
Scott Roriston - Dev & White Rabbit
Natalia Carvalho - Designer & Cheshire Cat
Aimee Sawyer - Designer & March Hare
Shaun Reddiar - Dev & The Caterpillar
Phil Quma - Traffic Manager & The Dodo
Gizmo & Napoleon

Now that you’ve met us, why not browse some of our work?

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